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Private Fees - Overseas Patients 

The criteria for treatment of patients using the services of the UK National Health Service (NHS) for overseas visitors at the Dr R Ali Surgery are as follows:

Emergency or Immediately Necessary Treatment

If the treatment is urgently required, this will be provided free of charge regardless of the patient’s usual home country.

The diagnosis of “Emergency” or “Immediately Necessary” treatment is the responsibility of the Doctors at Dr R Ali surgery, who can admit patients to hospital if required - this will be done on the basis if the surgery is accepting and registering temporary patients.  If medication is necessary as part of this treatment, a private prescription may be issued by the Doctor which is a payable service.

Between the hours of 18:30 and 08:00, at weekends and on Bank Holidays patients should contact the out of hours service by dialling 111.

Non-Urgent Treatment

In the circumstances where, in the opinion of the Doctors at Dr R Ali's surgery, the patient’s condition or problem is such that medication or treatment is required before the patient returns to their usual home country, then medication or treatment which the Doctor feels is appropriate will be provided.

A fee to cover the cost of any medication prescribed will always be payable. This also includes a fee for a private prescription to be issued and the cost of the medication prescribed thereon. These medications will be prescribed privately which means the patient will bear the cost of each medication, as opposed to the standard NHS fee per item.

Where the Doctors at the Dr R Ali surgery regard medical treatment as being non-urgent and chargeable, the following scale of charges will apply:

Service Requested

Consultation with a Doctor in the Surgery - £75.00

Consultation with a Nurse in the Surgery - £45.00

Fee for issue of a private prescription (fee does not include cost of medication) - £25.00

Other services and vaccines available - Prices on request

If a Clinician refers a patient for diagnostic tests (blood test for example) there will be a fee for this service also, which is dictated by the laboratory processing the sample.  All diagnostic tests must be paid for in advance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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